Entrepreneur Before 25

On EB25, Chelann Gienger interviews inspiring entrepreneurs who started their journey at the age of 25 and under. The topics discussed dig deep into their entrepreneurial journey- the good, the bad and the learned. Through the stories told you will learn the art of being YOUNG and SUCCESSFUL. And not just entrepreneurial success, but LIFE success. So, this podcast is for YOU, the young entrepreneur who wants to be inspired and empowered to live in freedom and life balance while still chasing your entrepreneurial dreams and goals.
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Feb 22, 2017

Ross Alex is a full time Real Estate Entrepreneur. At 23, he decided to drop out of college and move from NYC to Houston to start a Real Estate flipping business. Starting with 450 credit score and a negative bank account, he hustled his way into doing his first deal within 2 months of starting. Fast forward two years and he's made multiple six figures in net profits, raised multiple millions of dollars in private capital, and created an education-based business that generates multiple 6 figures.

Feb 15, 2017

Kyle Gray is the author of the book, The College Entrepreneur, that teaches students why they should start a business before they graduate and how to take control of their education and leverage their university’s resources to grow their business. Along with that, Kyle is the founder of Conversion Cake- an agency that helps startups create great content marketing strategies and sales funnels. He also directs a startup accelerator at the University of Utah called The Foundry. This is a unique program where students can get school credit to work on their passion projects.

Feb 8, 2017

Michael Carbone is a former NCAA scholarship athlete, online entrepreneur, world traveler and Ironman. He's the host of the Unleash Yourself podcast, where he highlights incredible entrepreneurs who are on their way to achieving their dreams by simply unleashing themselves from the fears that once held them back.

Feb 1, 2017

At 16-years old, Zandra Cunningham has developed her own line of bath and body products called Zandra Beauty which is sold online and at shops nation wide. Since starting this company at the age of 9, Zandra has built it into a profitable natural skin care business that is the platform for her passion for girls rights advocacy, girls education and training other young entrepreneurs. Because of her unique brand and the why behind it, Zandra and her business have been featured in several major publications including Nickelodeon and the Today Show.