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On EB25, Chelann Gienger interviews inspiring entrepreneurs who started their journey at the age of 25 and under. The topics discussed dig deep into their entrepreneurial journey- the good, the bad and the learned. Through the stories told you will learn the art of being YOUNG and SUCCESSFUL. And not just entrepreneurial success, but LIFE success. So, this podcast is for YOU, the young entrepreneur who wants to be inspired and empowered to live in freedom and life balance while still chasing your entrepreneurial dreams and goals.
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May 31, 2017

Eric Termuende is on a mission to change the way we talk about work and get fulfillment from it. A bestselling author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Eric is co-founder of NoW Innovations and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Thrive Global, the Huffington Post and many others. In 2015, Eric was recognized as a Top 100 Emerging Innovators under 35 globally by American Express. Eric sat as Community Integration Chair for Global Shapers Calgary, a community that functions under the World Economic Forum. He is a former Canadian G20 YEA Delegate, representing Canada in Sydney in 2014. Eric is currently signed by the National Speakers Bureau and travels the world talking about the future of work and multiple generations in the workplace. In 2016, Eric spoke at TEDxBCIT in Vancouver giving his presentation entitled ‘Bigger than Work’. Along with all of this, he has worked and spoken with clients across the world and his new book, Rethink Work is now available on Amazon.

May 29, 2017

Welcome to another solo episode on Entrepreneur Before 25 where it's me, talking straight to YOU. It's crazy to think that in June we will be celebrating our one year anniversary of Entrepreneur Before 25! It's been an incredible journey. This past year has brought so much break-through, connection and networking. Not to mention all of the amazing support from you listeners and from the amazing guests that we've had on the show.

This episode is raw and real and if anything, is my thoughts on a specific topic that really changed my life. I talk about this topic ALL THE TIME throughout all my shows and everything I'm featured in. And that topic is Extreme Ownership. About a year ago I read a book that changed my life- Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. It literally transformed my perspective on most everything I do.


May 24, 2017

Jesse Kay is a 16 year old junior in high school and is currently working on his podcast 20 Under 20's. Jesse is obsessed with sharing practical lessons and stories from some of the best minds on the planet to help inspire young men and women to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs. The Huffington Post said that Jesse is, "Distilling practical lessons and stories from the brightest millennial (and Gen Z) men and women paving the way for his generation." Jesse was born into an entrepreneurial family and started his first business at 9 years old flipping sneakers on eBay.

May 17, 2017

Kylon Gienger is the founder and host of Successful Dropout- a podcast where he interviews successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of school. A college dropout himself, Kylon has also founded and co-founded multiple companies in the construction, fitness, food service, and online education industries. He is passionate about building great business, building beyond business, and helping others to do the same.

May 10, 2017

Michael Sacca is the President of Crew and Host of He started his career by moving to LA and pursuing music. After three years of waiting tables and little success, he decided to teach himself to code. He used his coding skills to launch Tiny Factory, a web development agency that won clients like GE and Kobe Bryant. While running Tiny Factory, he started the Rocketship podcast and built many other apps and products. One of those products was recently acquired. Michael joined Crew two years ago as Head of Partnerships, and has now taken over as President. Companies have trusted Crew to source freelancers for over $30 million in design and development projects.

May 3, 2017

Coming from a marketing and sales background, Felix was part of the founding teams behind the Next Gen Summit and Sup-X, where he ran the marketing and sales division. As a branding consultant, Felix worked with countless startups and has had #1 bestselling product launches. A former trader, Hartmann is particularly excited about creating the most innovative Equity Crowdfunding Platform on the web. When not running the show at FundThis as CEO, Hartmann is an up-and-coming fiction writer who has been nominated for the Dragon Awards and dominated the Amazon Bestseller lists with his debut novel, Dark Age.